Crystal Properties

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Amazonite | Peace Seeker

* Considered a stone of courage, truth and integrity

* Helps discover your beliefs and values

* Provides harmony and balance by moving beyond fear of judgement

* Enables one to work through conflicts to find peaceful solutions

Amethyst | Divine Connection

* Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification. Stimulates the Crown Chakra and can aid in meditation.

* Brings clarity of the mind and reduces feelings of stress and anxiety

* Encourages inner strength and peace

* Promotes healing for physical ailments of the nervous system and curing of sleep issues

Angelite | Guardian Angel

* As the name implies, Angelite is your crystal guardian angel

* Offers support and comfort in challenging or stressful situations

* Provides healing and forgiveness during difficult times

* Helps heighten your awareness during uncertainty and confusion

Apatite | Guiding Light

* Inspires clear guidance to balancing life responsibilities and dreams

* Strengthens intention and motivation to enhance productivity

* Clears confusion and frustration and helps define clear next steps

* Healing aide for dental issues, bone fractures and arthritis or joint problems

Apophyllite | Intuition Crystal

* Highly spiritual crystal that can help stimulate intuition and clairvoyance through meditation.

* Uplifts your spirit to energize your mood and feel better

* Replaces feelings of burnout and despair with enthusiasm to persevere

* A good stone to help with treatment of asthma and breathing problems

Aventurine | Good Luck Crystal

* Symbolizes prosperity and promotes empathy

* Empowers leadership qualities and strong decision making

* Encourages perseverance and stability

* Calms negative emotions to allow harmony and balance in a hectic world

Black Tourmaline | Protection Crystal

* Helps protect and cleanse one of negative energies.

* Cleanses Auric field and etheric body.

* Promotes self-confidence and repels fear, to inspire calming thoughts

Blue Calcite | Dream Healer

* Enhances creativity and improves communication in a powerful way

* Stimulates meaningful and memorable dreams

* A healing stone for recovering from illness or pain in bones or joints

Celestite | Aneglic Crystal

* Can help one access higher spiritual realms and facilitate communication with spirit guides and angels.

* Relieves stress allowing for restful sleep and soothing relaxation

* Enhances meditation experiences

* Body feels light and freed of tension

Chrysocholla | Communication Crystal

* Supports the Throat Chakra for clear communication of ones inner wisdom

* Purifies your energy fields to improve healing and remove negativity

* Clears the mind of distraction to help move forward in life.

* Encourages loving communication to discover renewed positive energy

Citrine | Abundance Crystal

* Helps in manifestation of abundance and prosperity.

* Awakens imagination and creativity.

* Capturing ability for dreams and pursuits to translate into achievable goals

* Supports the enhancement and interconnectedness of interpersonal relationships

Flower Agate | New Growth

* Self-growth is encouraged by this unique translucent crystal with flower bursts

* Helpful to reach your fullest potential with zest and vigor

* Protects and repels fears and self-doubt so you can live your life fully

* Intended to assist in blossoming from seed to flower in your life experience

Garnierite | Good Luck Stone

* Offers a light and gentle vibrational but focused energy to persevere

* Supports to keep going to the finish after a long process

* Helps you realize the love, joy and clarity to bring goals to completion

* Promotes love and acceptance of self and other

Labradorite | Psychic Awareness Crystal

* A gemstone of magic and enhancement of ones psychic abilities. It can help awaken intuitive gifts. Excellent Third Eye Chakra crystal

* A gemstone of wisdom that helps clarify goals and spark intentions

* Beneficial for general health of eyes, nerves, brain, bones and spinal cord

Lapis Lazuli | Third Eye Opener

* A stone of royalty and spirituality. Great for Third Eye and Throat Chakras

* Heightens intuitive abilities and visionary awareness

* Allows calming of the mind to find direction and renewal in life and work

* Excellent alternative for relief of migraines and headaches

Lemurian Seed Crystal | Soul Compass

* Considered a master crystal because of the spiritual compass it offers

* Maintains connection to Spiritual energy and inner spirit

* Provides support to discover the soul’s truest desires

* Offers a major detox of negativity allowing for renewed loving energy

Malachite | Energy Protection

* Offers a renewed wisdom to embracing change in life and what is holding you back

* Opens your heart to new possibilities and experiences and removing inhibiting thoughts

* Gives you a new sense of life’s purpose and renewal

* Deeply connects to nature and protects from radiation of all kinds and magnetic pollution

Obsidian | Psychic Protection

* A protective shield for negative energies in oneself and environment.

* Helps with grounding and spiritual protection

* Offers strength and courage to overcome challenges

* Heightens your intuition to help find your wise inner voice for moving forward

Orange Calcite | Spark Igniter

* An energizing stone helpful for creativity and sexuality

* Inspires when embarking on new ideas and innovative goals

* Sparks your creative fire to produce

* Helpful for breaking routines and feelings of being “stuck” or “shy”

Pink Opal | Heart Healer

* A powerful stone for emotional healing and balance

* Offers peaceful energy after heartbreak and loss

* Especially beneficial for sensitive people to heal

* Allows heart to be open again to love and moving forward in a life of joy

Pyrite | Manifestation

* Symbol of good luck, fortune, and prosperity

* Offers feelings of harmony and vitality for emotional well-being

* Balances energetic fields during challenging times to improve outlook

* Helpful for any type of infection by purifying systems in the body

Quartz Crystal | Master Crystal, Crystal of Light

* Quartz crystal is one of the most versatile crystals. Three important properties if this important crystal are energy, amplification and programmability. It can also be used to amplify the energy of other stones

* Helps bring heightened Spiritual awareness when meditating or wearing it

* Aids concentration and assists with regaining memory

* Improves balance and enhances energy levels

Rainbow Flourite | Clarity Crystal

* Mental enhancement and clarity of mind. Can help clarify and cleanse aura and energy field.

* Helps to keep your eye on the big picture and moving forward

Rhodochrosite | Self Love Crystal

* Essential gemstone of unconditional love and compassion

* Brings inner joy, forgiveness and acceptance to one’s life

* Can help to rebalance the nervous system and promote brain health and bone growth

Rhodonite | The Healer

* Stone of compassion and fostering emotional balance

* Helps to release blocked energy and dispel emotional pain

* Nurtures loves and promotes forgiveness from scars of the past

* Best stone for healing of injuries

Rose Quartz | Love Crystal

* Represents universal love and compassion

* Restores harmony and trust

* Opens the heart to promote unconditional love and friendship

* One of the most important gemstones for overall healing

Selenite | Cleansing Crystal

* Offers high energy properties that helps offer true clarity of mind

* Cleanses negative energy that has built up

* Enhances connection to spiritual awareness and discovery

* Improves and clears headaches

Smoky Quartz | Protector

* An excellent stone to feel grounded and offer bodily protection

* Settles negative vibrations and energy

* Protects against radiation and magnetic toxins

* Promotes cleansing and elimination of digestive syste

Tiffany Stone | Passion Crystal

* Can aid in Physcic development.

* Considered the purple passion gem to kindle sexual desire

* Expands your communication energy to new spiritual and physical levels

* Stimulates sexual desire and boosts your physical passion