About Apothecary of Crystals


Hi, Iā€™m Lexa, Founder and Owner of Apothecary of Crystals.

Thank you for visiting my shop where you can explore my unique curated crystals and learn more about their properties to find the right one that calls to you and suits your needs.

My journey developed when I discovered my own love for crystals and their ability to help heal and create balance in my life.

During a challenging period in my life I reached out to a Spiritual Advisor and was told that my Chakras were not aligned. Not knowing exactly what this meant, I continued to research further and discovered crystals and their innate ability to heal and balance the Chakras.

I could feel the vibrational energy they emitted and instantly felt calm and at peace. I loved the unique qualities of the crystals, and the original beauty they have. This experience is how Apothecary of Crystals was born.

Sourcing and selecting beautiful crystals that contain properties for overall wellness is the essence of what I do. I personally curate every crystal I sell, and love travelling the world to source the best high vibrational and quality crystals for my clients.

Enjoy your time here in my shop!